Communicating Your Value

How much time do you dedicate to communicating your value?

Yesterday I came across Vizualize Value, a service founded by Jack Butcher. His work is all about improving how individuals and companies communicate their value.

I’m a big fan of this graphic on his website.

One of the main reasons that Butcher has a successful business is that most people don’t know how to articulate value. It seems simple, but it’s difficult. And that’s the problem: anything that seems simple gets little time and attention.

Looking at some of Butcher’s work made me think about how I communicate the value of my Research Ops work.

  • How does my communication cut through the noise of other’s people’s priorities?

  • How does my communication account for other people’s level of knowledge about Research Ops

  • How does my communication make it impossible for me to be misunderstood?

  • How does my communication make others feel that my work is valuable?

  • How much time and effort do I spend thinking about and experimenting with communication?

Doing high-quality work is good, but it’s only great when you can communicate its value.

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